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Digital Society – Exploring critical junctures and breakages

The Digital Society project addresses the various facets of digitalised society and economy, new forms of digitalised work and its organising in society. The digitised and digitalised modes of operation such as platforms cut across all sectors in economy and society. The contemporary alignments of platformization in society and economy call for new analyses and narratives. The project especially analyses breakages, junctures and continuities, new forms and new instabilities of the expertise and expert work in post-pandemic world, the transformation of knowledge and its effects to expertise, and compares various aspects of digital ecosystems, platforms and modes of platform work. The platformization and its forms, processes, practices and consequences is of particular interest.

Digital Society is internationally networked project with comparative data gathering, international collaboration and publishing. The project provides analytical interdisciplinary answers with a strong future orientation to the questions of how digitalisation is changing societies through all the new arrangements. Digital Society explores key current and future economic and societal issues in the era of data economy and platform economy and asks questions such as:


What do the projects address?

All Digital Society projects address highly relevant questions of platformization by examining the features of specialized and platformized expertise, its pitfalls, fractures and possibilities for the future Europe. For example, digitalised industries and sectors are transformed with the new structuration of work such as scalability of contents; experts and professionals are working increasingly online, paced by projectified and digitalised work and networked organisations; and hiring, supervision and governance mechanisms are becoming more automated. These and other examples of the platformization in society are analysed within the Digital Society project.